Our Teaching Methodology

Established in 2010, Math Project’s pedagogical approach has been rigorous yet rewarding. The qualified teachers offer a friendly yet disciplined environment where lessons are tailored to match a student’s learning style. Math Project uses proven curriculum and a unique neoclassical model that enriches a student’s understanding of core math concepts. Students are motivated to achieve program’s high targets, that helps them adopt the attitude of excellence.

Math Project, with its dynamic learning programs, fills in any educational math gaps by implementing a strong understanding of foundational math concepts in students. These learning programs are customizable, tailored to each student’s learning needs and style. With this personalized approach, our students are able to excel in math studies, using their heightened math competency and confidence to compete in international math contests.

In addition to onsite math learning, we also provide accessible, live and online sessions to ensure the acceleration of our students’ math learning abilities. In creating an environment conducive to our students’ learning experiences, parents themselves have witnessed their child’s improvement not only in math, but also overall academics, study habits, time management and work responsibilities. 

Math Project emphasizes on skill development and automaticity of basic number sense, while presenting the children with challenging real world problems allows our students’ creative side to thrive. Research has proven that learning mathematics through problem resolution activities is the most efficient way for a person to develop lasting mathematical skills and one of the best ways to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future.

EQAO Troubling Statistics

Canada: The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is an independent provincial agency funded by the Government of Ontario. EQAO’s mandate is to conduct province-wide tests at key points in every student’s education and report the results to educators, parents and the public. EQAO measures students’ achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics in relation to Ontario Curriculum expectations. A standardized test from the Education Quality and Assessment Office (EQAO) in 2015-2016 revealed that half of Ontario grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial standards in math. The report also established that student performance in Ontario has been steadily declining since the 2009-2010 school year after the advent of the ‘Discovery Math’ curriculum.

U.S.A: The picture on the south side of the border (i.e. USA) appears to be bleaker. More than half a million 15-year-olds around the world took the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA for 72 OECD countries in 2015. The US ranking fell from 28th to 35th in math when looking at a comparable sample of countries that participated in the PISA exam in both 2012 (the last time the test was administered) and 2015. A more important finding was that the US performed poorer than the math average in the OECD.


Math Project is an amazing program that builds math skills for life. The specialized curriculum doesn’t teach students to simply memorize numbers, but encourages critical thinking. I have no doubt that my children will have great math, thinking, analytical and problem solving skills by the time they are adults. Would definitely recommend to all!

Sarah (children in Grade 2 & 4)
Teaching Methodology
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Our Teaching Methodology

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