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The future of math education, at a school level is facing a major challenge. In 2010, Math Project started as a small project to give back to the community by preparing children for math contests. However, it soon transformed into being an active part of the change that is required here in Canada to offer the young generation a quality math education.

Having worked closely with hundreds of K-12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) Canadian students, we learnt that the public education system in the country, particularly their mathematics learning, is at an impasse. There is a growing dissatisfaction among parents regarding the school, curriculum and teachers. There is a concern that the system is failing competent young minds who are going to be the future of this great country…


I have been with Math Project since May 2010 when I first enrolled my daughter in this math program. Shortly after, I enrolled my two boys when I saw the results in my daughter’s math progress. At school, she was regarded as one of the top students in math and that gave her a great boost in self confidence.From my first interactions with Math Project’s founder, I saw her passion for math and her desire to kindle the love for math in students. My son was repeatedly selected for math competitions, and received a medal for placing top 1% in the Fibonacci math contest. This was the result of the program’s dedication and commitment to students. The curriculum is exceptional! I hope the program will continue to spread the love of math and inspire more children to even greater heights!

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about us

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