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Math Project started as a math literacy program for school-going children of the Greater Toronto Area. In 2010, as soon as the founder, Shehreen Zaman reached the milestone of obtaining the Associate of Society of Actuaries (ASA) designation, she founded Math Project with the intention to give back the gift of education that had empowered her up to that point. Her motivation was to promote “out of the box” thinking among children by preparing them for international math contests. 

However, given the challenges of math education in Ontario, Math Project soon became an innovative learning centre dedicated in helping students of all skill levels to bolster their math competency. The founder, Ms. Zaman believes that education is the premise of liberating the world from vices such as prejudice, inequity, and poverty. This belief, coupled with Ms Zaman’s aptitude for leadership, inspired her to start Math Project. 

Math Project has been steadily growing and offering quality math education to the young generation to enhance their confidence in math and beyond. The founder, Ms Zaman graduated from University of Toronto with a high distinction in Actuarial Science, Economics, and Mathematics. At U of T she manifested a passion for innovation by co-founding a club for actuarial science students. Her undergraduate degree, coupled with her passion for exploring, earned her a place at the world’s leading actuarial consulting firms, namely Mercer, Aon & Towers Watson. She spent a decade learning how large corporations function and brought this expertise to Math Project.

Since 2013, Ms. Zaman has been a sessional lecturer in the Department of Statistics at the University of Toronto. Ms Zaman utilized her education and rich corporate and academic experiences to foster a unique curriculum and pedagogical approach at Math Project. Moreover, she identified how the traditional education model was failing competent young minds. Having identified the problem, she worked tirelessly to innovate an education model that nurtures its students into confident leaders of their communities, empowering them with strong mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills. By the end of 2015, Math Project had grown to a promising level of success among the local communities, thus compelling her to resign from her corporate job and focus on it full-time. 

Along with innovation, entrepreneurship and values in community service, she continues to help revitalize the future of math education amongst the youth with the pioneering work of Math Project.

Our Mission

At Math Project, we believe that proper learning of math helps in the development of problem-solving skills that are critical in the formation of new ideas and imagination of new possibilities based on available means. In other words, we aim to provide vital training towards becoming ‘problem-solvers’ in the future who improve the economy through the creation of new ideas, products and firms.

Our Vision

Math Project aims to cultivate all its students into confident leaders of their communities. This unique program is designed specifically to empower students with mathematical knowledge, skills, and determination to become top-performers and equip them with the confidence and resources to compete at national and international contests. As such, Math Project strives for excellence and expects nothing less from its students. We help young children build up their confidence by improving their math skills with a uniquely designed curriculum. This, in turn, leads our students to become successful and confident in all aspects of life.


Math Project is an amazing program that builds math skills for life. The specialized curriculum doesn’t teach students to simply memorize numbers, but encourages critical thinking. I have no doubt that my children will have great math, thinking, analytical and problem solving skills by the time they are adults. Would definitely recommend to all!

Sarah (children in Grade 2 & 4)
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