Here at MathProject, we look for individuals whose passion for math is showcased through excellent academic performance and careers.

Working at MathProject, our tutors guide students towards improving their academic performance, helping them develop lasting skills for future mathematical endeavors. They help children with their struggles in math, boost their knowledge with higher level concepts, prepare them for their dream college/university and more.

Essentially, they instill flexibility, mentor-ship, social emotional learning and confidence in our students, ultimately navigating them towards math success.

Flexibility: When the amount of homework, projects and tests start to overwhelm students, MathProject’s tutors’ flexibility in teaching can assist in making studying math more convenient for them. They motivate students to form healthy habits in students, helping them develop essential skills like time management, prioritization and consistent proactivity.

Mentorship and Social Emotional Learning: Our tutors place focus on the student’s needs, effectively becoming mentors to them through social-emotional learning (SEL); a learning style focused on developing one’s social and emotional skills. They strive to make the student comfortable in their environment, being friendly and understanding towards their emotions. As a result, students feel encouraged to reach academic goals and achievements

Confidence: MathProject tutors can concisely gauge their student’s skill level. Our tutors find weak points for struggling students and work on them, bolstering their understanding of the concept. As a result, it increases their confidence. For those who excel in school, our tutors encourage them to learn and practice concepts beyond their current grade level. This gives them a stronger foundation and understanding in math and its topics.

All in all, a MathProject tutor is passionate about helping kids in math. They are focused on empowering minds and creating future leaders.

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