Our students come from a broad range of backgrounds, previous educational experiences, interests, motivations as well as levels of prior math knowledge and skills. We determine the type of course that is the most suitable pathway for their goals and place them in a program that best fits their learning needs.


A math enrichment program that helps students stay ahead of school curriculum and study in a self-motivated manner. Our Core program students compete in national and international math contests such as: Mathematica, Kangaroo, Gauss, Pascal, Euclid, Canadian Open Math Challenge (COMC), International Mathematical Olympiad, Kangaroo, etc.


A remedial program that works to identify missing math foundations and boosting student confidence. Students in this program gradually catch up to our Core program. Our teachers are trained to tailor lessons that match a certain student’s learning style. Math Project teachers work in partnership with parents to ensure that the students receive full support during sessions and at home.


A program that ensures students are confident with the school math curriculum. Get homework help, stay ahead of school, prepare for school tests in advance. Our students perform with confidence and commonly ace principles of Math, Calculus, Functions, Advanced Functions and more.

Summer Camp

Math Project holds bi-weekly sessions to target any currently present weaknesses within the math abilities of elementary level students. This program aims to clarify and refine student’s understanding of fundamental math concepts and build a strong reliable foundation in order to achieve future academic success.

Calculus Prep Camp

This is a short rigorous course to prepare high school students for first-year university calculus in advance. First-year Calculus is a pre-requisite to continue on in many programs, such as engineering, medicine, business, etc. Research shows that students who maintain a 90+ average in high-school see their grades fall dramatically in the first year. Even the highest achieving student is at risk of receiving an uncharacteristic assortment of Bs and Cs in the first year of university. Within the course of a semester, dreams for pursuing the program of choice can be easily whisked away. This program will help you get the right start!

customize solutions

We work with parents to customize solutions for all ages.
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