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  • Math Project is an amazing program that builds math skills for life. The specialized curriculum doesn’t teach students to simply memorize numbers, but encourages critical thinking. I have no doubt that my children will have great math, thinking, analytical and problem solving skills by the time they are adults. Would definitely recommend to all!

    Sarah (children in Grade 2 & 4)
  • I have been with Math Project since May 2010 when I first enrolled my daughter. Shortly after, I enrolled my two boys when I saw the improvement in my daughter’s math skills. At school, she was regarded as one of the top students in math and that gave her a great boost in self confidence. My son was repeatedly selected for math competitions, and received a medal for placing top 1% in the Fibonacci math contest. This was the result of the program’s dedication and commitment to students. The curriculum is exceptional! I hope the program will continue to spread the love of math and inspire more children to even greater heights!

    Jasmine (children in Grade 4, 5 and 8)
  • Math Project is an excellent after-school program. They really care for their students and are very dedicated. All teachers were consistently well organized and is clear that they put a lot of effort towards prep time and lessons plans. Content is presented clearly in a precise manner. The customized nature of the program helps every student realize their potential and be successful in school. As parents, we are very satisfied that Math Project is committed to ensuring that students understood every concept thoroughly and even supplied them with extra worksheets. We can say with confidence that this process produce outstanding results for my kids, who have successfully made it into the Sci Tech, IBT and IB programs.

    This is a program that provides real value to the community. By helping do better in school, they boost their confidence and ensure that they stay suggested in academics. The staff are very knowledgable, patient, and always happy to help. Overall, the program is providing a great service at a very reasonable price and convenient timings! We highly recommend Math Project.

    Dr. Erum Hasnain
  • A fantastic program whose commitment to the betterment of their students is undeniable. My grade 3 kid knows grade 6 math, and my grade 7 child placed 1st at ISNA with a 99% average! As a parent, I could not be more satisfied with the work Math Project does, and would recommend this program to anyone

    Sabeen Siddiqui, children in Grade 3 and 7
  • Math Project is run by bright, committed, well trained teachers who teach our children to see math, enjoy learning and to believe in themselves. These classes have helped my boys build a strong foundation in mathematics, who now maintain 90+ averages in school. They are also able to perform very well in standardized tests, such as the ISNA entrance exam and their SATs. I am grateful to Math Project for providing such a caring, disciplined and well-structured program for our kids to build a strong and successful future.

    Ayesha Altaf, Parent (children in Grade 8 & 12)
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