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As a first step, MathProject evaluates each child with a unique written and verbal assessment. Based on the assessment results, we create a customized program designed to help close math learning gaps they may have, and make it easier for them to get a head start when they’re ready for advanced math challenges.

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Customized Lessons

We provide the option for choosing from short and our longer-duration study sessions, depending on the child’s unique learning style and availability. Short sessions are recommended for students who either struggle with maintaining focus or are unavailable during the longer session timings. Sessions of longer durations provide the opportunity for the teacher to closely monitor the student’s class work, one on one, for the new concepts taught, before assigning them for homework. Longer sessions also provide the opportunity for collaborative-learning occasionally. The low student-to-teacher ratio allows each child to receive attention in order to cater to individualized learning needs and styles. All our programs can also be offered on a one-on-one basis to suit a student’s availability and learning style.

  • Our K-8 curriculum is unique, proven and enriches the Canadian curriculum. We provide 1.5 hours of compulsory instruction time per week, in addition to three supplementary hours per week.
  • Assigning homework to reinforce class lessons allows parents to choose the weekly homework load. We also share weekly performance reports for parents to track their child’s progress throughout the program.

MathProject Student Values

  • To ensure success in any of our programs, students must actively attend scheduled sessions and complete assigned homework promptly.

  • This structured program actively equips students with key life skills, including time management, work organization, setting priorities, meeting deadlines, and, above all, taking responsibility for their studies. These attributes serve them well in enhancing their performance in the crucial school exams, leaving a great impact on their future. 

  • Tests and assessments continue throughout their MathProject learning to ensure progress and skill retention. This enables students to tackle test anxiety, feel prepared for entrance exams, and acquire the necessary time management skills to take exams effectively.         
  • Students who take up MathProject’s values go on to strive for excellence, not only in their school initiatives, but also in their career aspirations. Majority of our students get into university programs of their choice, be it engineering, medicine, computer science, business, or any field they aspire. 
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Extra Math Help

MathProject teachers and administration work in partnership with parents to ensure that the students receive full support during sessions and at home.

In addition to the regular weekly sessions, we provide free online drop-in sessions with our expert teachers four times a week, for homework help.

Our typical student demonstrates above-average performance in their school math within a few months of enrolment at MathProject. See some of the results here.


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