What Kind of Math Skills & Topics are Covered in MathProject?

math skills taught by math project

MathProject provides a unique opportunity for your child to enhance their mathematical skills by engaging in interactive, live video sessions with our team of highly qualified teachers. Our cutting-edge web-based platform aims to create a seamless and immersive learning experience for students, enabling them to develop a strong foundation in mathematics.

Our experienced teachers work tirelessly to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and guidance, catering to their individual learning needs. We offer a diverse range of courses and curricula, catering to students of all levels, whether they are struggling with math or seeking to further their knowledge.

At MathProject, we are dedicated to instilling a love for mathematics in our students and fostering a passion for lifelong learning. Our interactive and engaging sessions are not only informative but also fun, making learning an enjoyable experience for students. 

Through our program, our students will have access to a wealth of resources and tools to assist in their learning journey. Whether they need help with homework, preparing for exams, or just want to improve their math skills, our team of dedicated teachers is always here to help

MathProject’s Junior School Program

At MathProject, we understand the importance of building a strong foundation in math during the formative years. This is why we take our junior school program, Math Basics, very seriously. We believe that the mastery of basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as knowledge of basic geometrical shapes and patterns, and the ability to think through word problems, are critical for achieving high-level mathematical proficiency

Our approach to teaching involves providing plenty of practice opportunities and avoiding the use of calculators. This ensures that our students develop a solid grasp of mathematical concepts, which will enable them to engage in high-level abstract thinking required by subjects such as algebra, trigonometry, and calculus later in life, both in high school and university. Our junior school curriculum aims to help students achieve excellence in math and stay ahead of their peers.

Our students often outperform their classmates in school and are able to complete their schoolwork with little assistance. However, we also recognize that some students may join our program late, and their parents may want their school math to receive immediate attention. In such cases, we recommend our K-8 Homework Club* program as a temporary solution to help students excel in school.

MathProject’s Middle School Program

At MathProject’s middle school program, students gain a comprehensive understanding of arithmetic and the relationships between numbers. This program introduces students to more abstract concepts such as negative numbers, percentages, probabilities, and decimals. Students are also challenged with complex word problems that require both logical reasoning and mathematical analysis. Our program provides ample practice opportunities and drills to ensure that students master the necessary foundational skills for high school and university-level math. Students who complete our middle school program become well-equipped to tackle competitive entrance exams and excel in high school math.

Our experienced teachers receive training to identify and address any learning gaps that students may have when they join MathProject during their middle school years. We prioritize solidifying students’ grasp of mathematical operations through practice and prohibit the use of handheld calculators until they have mastered the necessary lower-order skills. In addition to mastering foundational math skills, our program introduces students to algebra, which requires analysis and application of knowledge rather than simple memorization. This approach trains students to not only think critically and memorize information but also to apply that information in different situations, fostering higher-order thinking skills.

MathProject’s High School Program

At MathProject, we design our High School program to enhance students’ math performance in school by providing assistance with school homework, keeping them ahead of their school curriculum, and preparing them for upcoming school tests. As a result, our students are able to perform confidently and excel in subjects like Principles of Math, Calculus, Functions, and Advanced Functions.

Our program also focuses on developing our students’ self-motivation and building a strong math foundation that prepares them for university-level courses. To ensure that our students understand each concept thoroughly, we assess their understanding of each unit upon completion, which allows them to become familiar with real-world test-taking environments that they will encounter in college or university.

Our high school program is customized to meet each student’s needs, and we set targets to teach, clarify, and reinforce topics a few days ahead of when they are presented in school. This approach helps our students prepare for their math tests and feel confident in their understanding of the school curriculum, both in school and at MathProject.

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