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Math Project offers your child an opportunity to strengthen their math knowledge through online, interactive, live video sessions with our qualified team of tutors. Through an innovative web-based platform, we are always here to help your child achieve excellence in mathematics.

As a safe and secure path for your child to boost their math abilities, we have special promotions like our Stuck at Home Promo to help them reach math mastery. 

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Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment Program helps students stay ahead of the school math curriculum and study in a self-motivated manner. Students enrolled in this program compete in national and international math contests, such as: Mathematica, Kangaroo, Gauss, Pascal, Euclid, Canadian Open Math Challenge (COMC), International Mathematical Olympiad and many other math contests. The Enrichment Program also enables our students to pass IB/IBT/SciTech entrance tests with flying colors.

Foundational Program

Our Foundational Program works to identify missing math foundation and boosts student confidence. Students in this program gradually catch up to our Enrichment Program. Our teachers are trained to tailor lessons that match the student’s learning style. Math Project teachers work in partnership with parents to ensure that the students receive full support during sessions and at home. The Foundational Program also enables our students to perform well on EQAO tests.

High-School Program

Our High-school Program ensures students are confident with their school math curriculum. Get homework help, stay ahead of school, prepare for school tests in advance. Our students perform with confidence and commonly ace principles of Math, Calculus, Functions, Advanced Functions and more.

K-8 Homework Club

Our K-8 Homework Club ensures elementary students are confident and equipped to complete their school math homework. This program provides homework help, enables students to stay ahead of school and prepares them for school tests in advance. Our students perform with confidence and commonly ace Number Sense, Numeration, Measurement, Geometry, Patterning, Algebra, Data Management, and Probability.

3-week Online Math Bootcamp (COVID-19 Special)

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Math Project is offering a three-week ONLINE Bootcamp to combat any learning gaps, regardless of a child’s age or grade. In our hopes of empowering the minds of tomorrow, Math Project waives the registration fee for all students enrolled in our online Bootcamp. For more information, click here.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp aims to clarify and refine the student’s understanding of fundamental math concepts. It builds a strong foundation to achieve future academic success.

University Prep Camp

University Prep Camp is a short rigorous math program to prepare high school students for first-year university calculus in advance. First-year Calculus is a pre-requisite to continue on in many fields of study such as engineering, computer science, life sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, business and many more. Research shows that students who maintain a 90+ average in high-school math see their grades fall dramatically in the first year. Even the highest achieving students are at risk of receiving an uncharacteristic assortment of B’s and C’s in the first year of university. Within the course of a semester, dreams of pursuing a career of choice can be easily whisked away. This program will help you get the right start!

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