Math Project has developed a variety of math programs after assessing the needs of parents and children.

Junior School Math Program

We take the job of building our students’ math foundation seriously in our junior school program: Math Basics, such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, the knowledge of basic geometrical shapes and patterns, the ability to think through word problems, are vital for high-level mathematical achievement. Our students solidify their grasp of mathematical operations with plenty of practice and no use of calculators. A firm foundation during formative years will give students the confidence to engage in high-level abstract thinking required by algebra, trigonometry, and calculus that are required later in life at high school & university level.

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Middle School Math Program

In Math Project’s middle school program, students master arithmetic and begin to understand how and why numbers relate. This program introduces students to more abstract concepts: negative numbers, percentages, probabilities and decimals. Students are also introduced to complex word problems that require both logic and mathematical reasoning. Our middle school program provides students with enough drills to master thoroughly the facts needed to lay a foundation for high-school level math. Students who complete our middle school program are well prepared for highschool math, and ready to tackle competitive entrance exams..

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High School Math Program

Our High-school Program ensures students are confident with their school math curriculum. Get homework help, stay ahead of school, prepare for school tests in advance. Our students perform with confidence and commonly ace Principles of Math, Calculus, Functions, Advanced Functions and more. When high school students are faced with busy schedules filled with academic pressure, they may feel overwhelmed – that’s where we at Math Project come in. Our High-School Program aims to boost our students’ math performance in school through providing help with school homework, test prep, and strengthening their foundational math skills. This program equips students with key life skills while enhancing their performance in the crucial school exams, leaving a great effect on their future.

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University Math Prep

Calculus Camp is a short rigorous math program to prepare high school students for first-year university calculus in advance. First-year Calculus is a pre-requisite to continue on in many fields of study such as engineering, computer science, life sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, business and many more. Research shows that students who maintain a 90+ average in high-school math see their grades fall dramatically in the first year. Even the highest achieving students are at risk of receiving an uncharacteristic assortment of B’s and C’s in the first year of university. Within the course of a semester, dreams of pursuing a career of choice can be easily whisked away. This program will help you get the right start!

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