Middle School Math Program

In MathProject’s middle school program, students master arithmetic and begin to understand how and why numbers relate. This program introduces students to more abstract concepts: negative numbers, percentages, probabilities and decimals. Students are also introduced to complex word problems that require both logic and mathematical reasoning. Our middle school program provides students with enough drills to master thoroughly the facts needed to lay a foundation for high-school level math. Completing our middle school program actively prepares students for high school math and equips them to tackle competitive entrance exams.

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Helping Our Students Build Foundational Skills in Middle School Math

Our teachers actively identify and address any learning gaps in students who join MathProject during their middle school years.

During the middle school years, the students solidify their grasp of mathematical operations by plenty of practice and no use of hand-held calculators. They also begin to do more complex word problems that require both logic and abstract mathematical reasoning. Our curriculum provides enough practice problems and drills to master thoroughly the facts needed to lay a foundation for high-school and university level math. We only allow usage of calculators once the students have mastered basic mathematical operations and mastered “lower-order skills”.

Introducing algebra ensures students actively engage in problem-solving, preventing mechanical memorization of set answers. Instead, they learn to analyze each problem, discover its central point, and then apply that knowledge to determine the solution. It trains students to not only think straight and memorize information, but also the ability to apply that information in a number of different situations. This develops “higher-order thinking” among students.

Helping Our Students Thrive and Advance in Middle School Math

Mathematically inclined students are introduced to additional concepts beyond the typical school curriculum. They are motivated and trained to compete in national and international math contests, including Mathematica, Kangaroo, Gauss, Pascal, Euclid, Canadian Open Math Challenge (COMC), International Mathematical Olympiad, and various others. Such students may also qualify for MathProject’s ‘Enrichment Program Scholarship’ (please speak to our Program Manager for more details). Many of our Enrichment Program students pass IB / AP program entrance tests with flying colours.

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K-8 Homework Club

While the students enrolled in MathProject’s middle school curriculum are typically much ahead of their peers at school and are able to do their schoolwork with little assistance, it is often the case that some students join the program late and parents want their school math to get immediate attention. In that case, we recommend our program, the K-8 Homework Club*, as a temporary solution to help them do well in school. Parents can complement this program with our regular middle school program to ensure long-term success, at their discretion.

Our K-8 Homework Club* ensures middle school students are confident and equipped to complete their school math homework. This program provides homework help on a one-on-one basis, enables students to stay ahead of school, and prepares them for school tests in advance. Our students perform with confidence and commonly ace math in school.

*This is a paid resource.

Extra Math Help

Our students are never left alone to complete assignments. MathProject teachers and administration work in partnership with parents to ensure that the students receive full support during sessions and at home. We offer FREE weekly homework aid assistance outside of their sessions to answer any questions. Our teachers and management are constantly checking upon their progress with a tool we call “Performance Reports”. This allows parents to see how their child is progressing weekly, along with their online graded homework submissions, upcoming tests, and new homework assignments.

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