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    Did you know that
    EQAO results showed…
    • Student math performance in Ontario has been steadily declining since 2009
    • 50% of Ontario grade 6 students failed to meet the 2018 provincial math standards
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    our results...
    • After 6 months of enrollment, 8 out of 10 students were reported significantly ahead of math class in school
    • 86% success rate of students who write IBT, IB and Sci Tech entrance tests
    • Improved work organization & study habits, better time management and increased work responsibility, as reported by parents

welcome to Math Project

Math Project is an accelerated math program that has transformed the way children view math, whether they start out far behind or already ahead. The single most important ingredient for the program’s success has been our strong focus on boosting a child’s motivation for Math, using our own teaching materials and neo-classical study techniques.

Our underlying philosophy is that ‘with understanding of math comes confidence, and with confidence comes success – an enriched life’.

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