How do we sign up our child(ren) for FREE math tutoring?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Use the Tutoring Service Request Form to submit a request to Peel District School Board to use an external tutor service for your child(ren).You will need to sign in from Peel District School Board email account to complete the form.
  2. The email generated by the Board after the online request form is completed will contain the name of the Tutoring Centre and full name of the student along with the Code. Kindly forward that to to book a FREE online assessment and/or to begin the enrolment process.
  3. Parents will then be sent a Registration Form by MathProject to complete and sign electronically. Once the Registration Form is completed, you can begin classes right away.


Can we sign up with MathProject for Math and another vendor for Literacy?

Yes, you will need separate codes to sign up for two separate vendors. The parent can complete the form for Centre 1 indicating the period for eg Jul 1 to Jul 31.  They get the code and go to Centre 1 and register for Math.  The parent can complete another form for Centre 2 indicating the same period for eg. Jul 1 to Jul 31.  They get the code and go to Centre 2 and register for Literacy.  Centre 1 indicates the child attended on Jul 5, 7, 12, 14.  Centre 2 cannot report that the child attended on these same dates.  They cannot attend classes at 2 centres on the same day.