1. Why Math Assessments Matter For Student Success

    Although they can bring up feelings of nervousness and anxiety, math assessments aren’t used to intimidate students – they are there to help students get closer to math excellence. Without them, how can one truly tell if their math skills are improving? How can we know if students are effectively absorbing the material taught?  Research […]

  2. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning: Which One is Best for Online Education?

    As online education continues to be the safest method of learning during these uncertain times, it can be sectioned off between these two categories: Synchronous Learning and Asynchronous Learning. Synchronous learning is what you would expect of a traditional classroom setting but in an online format. The teacher and students all meet at the same […]

  3. Why Foundational Math is Crucial in Achieving Math Mastery

    Despite foundational math being normally introduced and mastered early in school, some children struggle in learning the basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This ultimately hinders their progress in math later on, as seen in a study by the National Institutes of Health that observed this phenomenon:  Researchers observed that the child participants […]

  4. How the Bridges Math Curriculum Enhances Your Child’s Learning Experience

    There are lots of elementary math programs out there, but the Bridges math curriculum is part of the select few that reach the highest ratings of the EdReport. In comparison to other programs’ effect size of +0.15, its effectiveness is clearly shown in a study by Alan Cheung and Robert Slavin, where they found that […]

  5. The Advantages of Live Math Classes

    Due to COVID-19 and reinforcements on social distancing, students may not learn math in a traditional classroom for a while. Luckily, new ways to teach and continue math education have been implemented – most namely, live math classes.  Live math classes are the next best thing to being in a traditional classroom. While abiding to […]

  6. K-12 Math Education in the USA and its Detrimental Effects on the Future Minds of Today

    The American math education, with the country’s current curricula and practices, continues to dwindle in effectiveness and perceived importance amongst the population. Each year, the country’s math education system produces abysmal scores from American students, resulting in its low ranking in math when compared to other countries. In fact, the United States ranks 25th in […]

  7. What a Productive Session at a Math Tutoring Center Looks Like

    Through giving students a personalized and structured learning experience, a successful math tutoring center helps improve a child’s academic performance in math while fostering their personal growth and self-confidence.  A study from the University of Chicago Education lab tested the impact of having such extracurricular support on students by assigning a section to tutoring and […]

  8. 5 Tips to Help Your Child Master Their Multiplication Tables

    Multiplication – one of the most fundamental and basic math topics that sets the foundation for other higher level math, including division, fractions and algebra. In addition to being a math building block, we constantly use it in life through things like travelling (exchanging money, estimating arrival times) to photography (calculating angles, resizing photos). Multiplication […]

  9. How Enrichment Math Effectively Nurtures Gifted Minds

    As every child is different, enrichment math is needed for those who fully understand and learn math at a significantly faster rate than most of their peers. To put things in perspective, imagine trying to paint a huge wall with nothing but a small art brush. Although you would eventually get to your needed goal, […]

  10. Back-to-School Tips for a Successful School Start!

    With summer gradually ending and the first day of school approaching, it’s time to begin preparing for the back-to-school season. Without the right kind of preparation, going back to school can turn from exciting into an overwhelming experience. Not to worry though – with these five tips, you’ll be eager and ready to start the […]

  11. Summer Math Loss: Five Simple (and Fun!) Ways to Avoid It

    When you think about summer, what do you see? Sunshine, ice cream and beaches? Most likely. Doing math? Not so much. Many children and parents perceive math to be done only in school. This results in students focusing more on having fun during their summer break rather than keeping their math skills strong – an […]

  12. Five Essential Study Habits for Math Mastery

    Just like in math, effectively studying and excelling at the subject requires a steadfast formula, putting time, patience and consistency into the equation. As it’s a language in itself with its own formulas, symbols and vocabulary, one can’t simply skip over a concept and expect to be fluent in the next one.  Luckily, there are […]

  13. How the New Ontario Math Curriculum Promises Brighter Futures for Children

    For over a decade, declining math scores have raised worries over Ontario’s math curriculum and its effectiveness on children’s math abilities. However, for the first time in 15 years, a much-needed change has been made. The government has just announced its new curriculum, aimed at improving not only Canadian students’ math skills, but their chances […]

  14. Virtual Volunteering: Online Connection to Real-life Change

    Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, lend a helping hand and stimulate change in economy and society. Such a benevolent act not only lets you help others, but is also highly influential in gaining paid work through benefits like: Building an impressive resume Strengthening networking skills References commending your hard […]

  15. The Positive Impact of a University Calculus Preparation Course

    High school math alone does not adequately prepare students for the intensive curriculum of university calculus. In university, your professor expects you to have already acquired the confidence and substantial knowledge on the basics of math, allowing you to learn more advanced concepts towards forming a deeper understanding. In addition, many college majors and medical […]

  16. How to Select a Good Online Math Program

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on in-class education, technology has enabled students to strengthen their math skills through an online math program. Students themselves cannot imagine a world without technology, making it easier for them to assimilate into the present circumstances of online learning. However, learning through an online math program is so […]

  17. How a High School Math Tutor Improves Your Child’s Success in Math and in Life

    Some high school students find math difficult – when they have the chance to drop it in grade 12, what choice do you think they’ll make? It’s likely that they’ll think, “Finally, I won’t have to deal with math anymore!” and will drop their math subject, believing that it’ll be the last time they’ll have […]

  18. Math For Children With Disabilities: How To Support Their Math Education

    Everyone has had their fair share of struggles in math, but some may find the subject much more challenging to learn than others. This may be attributed to neurological conditions that make learning difficult, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities such as dyslexia (reading disorder) and especially dyscalculia (math disorder). In fact, […]

  19. Choosing the Best Homeschool Math Program For Your Child

    Trying to find the best homeschool math program for your child can be an intimidating process. The growth of your child’s mathematical abilities is on the line as you try to scroll through countless results from searching “homeschool math program” online. What happens if you pick one and your child is struggling to learn under […]

  20. The Formula To A Great Homeschool Math Curriculum

    With schools closing down during the COVID-19 crisis, more students are relying on the curriculum of homeschool math to continue their math education. But homeschool math through online tutoring can provide benefits that meet, if not exceed, the advantages of in-class learning – if done correctly. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, children […]

  21. How 1 to 1 Math Tuition Outweighs Traditional Math Classes

    Although learning in a classroom can be fun and exciting, being with lots of other students has its downsides. Let’s say you’re in a math class with twenty-five classmates – you’ve got burning questions about the lesson but can’t ask any of them yet. The teacher finally pauses and gets to the part you’ve been […]

  22. Math Help Centers: Why Your Child Needs To Be In One

    In Ontario, Canada, the statistics on youth and their math scores have become worrisome. Only forty-eight percent of Grade 6 students and fifty-eight percent of Grade 3 students met the provincial math standard during the last school year, hitting a record low. With these troublesome statistics, it’s more than apparent that students need an extra […]

  23. Math Tutors: The Navigators To Math Success

    Students learning in a large classroom are like birds flying together. If one falls out of formation, they’ll experience more resistance when flying alone and will struggle to catch up to the rest of the flock. Teachers can help, but their responsibility in managing all of their other students’ education limits their capacity to fulfill […]

  24. Math Help Online: 3 Ways to Strengthen Math Skills During Quarantine

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has altered the education system, affecting over ninety-one percent of the student population worldwide. Although the closures help to prevent exposure of the virus to students for their safety, their education has been limited to learning at home. Teachers, who are equally as affected, have to scramble to fulfill their students’ […]

  25. How To Improve Your Math Skills For Success

    Having a basic foundation of numbers, math should be an easy subject, right? It starts out that way, but the more math concepts you discover, the harder it can get.  Math is an incredible and dynamic subject, as it can range from the simplest arithmetic equation of  “1 + 1 = 2” all the way […]

  26. Math Homework: Why is it so important?

    Math plays an essential role in life, whether we know it or not. From engineering and architecture to shopping and cooking, math is used every single day.  Yet children and teenagers, when faced with the option to either do their math homework or watch TV, will most likely choose the latter. That’s quite understandable at […]

  27. Math Project’s Response to COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought panic into our lives, but also an opportunity to use technology as an innovative tool for our children’s crucial learning and academic success. With our children’s safety being our number one priority, in-class learning has been suspended until further notice all around the globe.  Schools and after-school programs are shut […]

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