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The Benefits of Hiring Middle School Math Tutors

Math is considered one of the most difficult subjects for middle school students, as shown [...]

Counting for Kindergarten: Early Learning Progression

Developing number sense at an early age is critical for children to understand math in [...]

Dyscalculia: What is it? How to Treat it?

Dyscalculia, also known as “number dyslexia” or “math dyslexia”, is a learning disability that makes [...]

Mean, Median, Mode: What Are They? How to Find Them?

Children are usually taught to calculate mean in math at ages 10 to 11, and [...]

Benefits of Online Math Tutoring

With the pandemic lasting over close to two years, most students around the world have [...]

Online Math Activities: By Topics and Grade Levels

Teaching and learning math can sometimes be a challenge for both parents and children. Parents [...]

New Grade 9 Math Curriculum in Ontario

Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced a further revision for Ontario’s Grade 9 math as part [...]

Math Education in British Columbia

PISA results from 2003 to 2018 show a steady decline in Canada’s math scores. Compared [...]

K-12 Math Projects – MathProject Canada

K-12 Math Projects Math plays an important role in child development and helps children make [...]

MathProject Provides 5,000 Meals Through The Mississauga Food Bank

Although MathProject primarily helps children achieve mastery and confidence in math, our team is also [...]