New Grade 9 Math Curriculum in Ontario

new grade 9 math curriculum in ontario

Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced a further revision for Ontario’s Grade 9 math as part of the 4-year plan proposed in July 2020 for Ontario’s math curriculum. Effective fall 2021, the new Ontario’s Grade 9 math curriculum will cover more areas of mathematics to set students up for math success.


Grade 9 Math Curriculum – New Focus

Similar to the changes in the 2020 math curriculum, the new curriculum will involve more real-life applications of math and include lessons on coding, data, financial literacy, mathematical modelling, and other  elements of STEM. In addition, the new math curriculum will eliminate the controversial practice of “streaming”. Students were previously streamed into “academic” and “applied” math courses in Grade 9, in which many believed discriminated against students from marginalized communities. Studies indicate that streaming disproportionately impacts the graduation rates and post-secondary opportunities of Black and low-income students. Currently, Ontario is the only province in Canada where streaming is still common in public schools. The “modernized” curriculum is believed to contribute to easing the situation.


Training Courses for Teachers

Ontario’s government is planning to provide $40 million in funding to train educators on the new math course, including anti-racism and anti-discrimination training. However, the training over the summer before the school starts in September is not mandatory for educators and teachers. Harvey Bischof criticized the timing and implementation of the new math course announcement. Marit Stiles and other critics emphasized the need for smaller class sizes and one-on-one learning opportunities for student success.


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