The Benefits of Hiring Middle School Math Tutors

the benefits of hiring middle school math tutors

Math is considered one of the most difficult subjects for middle school students, as shown in a survey from Gallup that found that 37% of the students aged between 13-17 struggled with math. From the various math topics and tasks, to the patience and persistence going into math learning, students are required to devote plenty of effort. The difficulty in math education accumulates when students move from foundational math skills established in their junior school to more abstract thinking involving formulas and operations in middle school. Hiring middle school math tutors can help resolve some of the math challenges students often encounter.

Middle School Math Tutors Provide Self-Paced Learning

One of the many great reasons for hiring middle school math tutors is because they help students learn at their own pace. Instead of pushing children to more complex math topics before they fully understand the basic concepts, the tutors will only move forward when the students are ready and can comfortably comprehend the material. Your child can ask for clarification and get help in specific areas, taking as long as needed. With small group or one-on-one math tutoring sessions, students can receive immediate attention and help, lowering the chances of not getting their questions answered.

Middle School Math Tutors Boost Math Confidence

Failure to answer math questions in the classroom and achieve good math grades may cause low confidence in many middle school students. In addition, when students experience social repercussions instead of getting math help, they are likely to have low self-esteem as well. According to Together Against Bullying, 30% of middle school students experience occasional involvement as a bully and/or victim of bullying. Having middle school math tutors allows children to ask questions in a comfortable and safe space.

Develop Positive Learning Habits Before High School

Since the learning expectations and school workload will grow as children move from middle school to high school, developing better time management and organization skills is highly crucial for middle school students. Middle school math tutors can help monitor students’ consistency in completing take-home practice, and ensure that they are spacing out their study during the week. Instead of binge-learning and cramming, students will grow to develop positive study habits that can benefit them long-term.

Besides the flexible schedules and regular mentorship a math tutor can provide, having a specialized middle school math tutor can help improve academics and develop the correct learning attitude. The Middle School Program at MathProject builds upon junior school math’s foundation and introduces our students to more abstract concepts. Our middle school program prepares students for high school math and equips them to tackle competitive entrance exams like SATs.

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