Partner with us in your child’s math learning journey. If you don’t see improvement, 2 months of tuition fees are on us!

*The guarantee only applies to K-8 students.

math project results guarantee

A typical MathProject student in K-8 is ahead of their grade level at school within 6 months of joining the program. The significant success our students experience is mostly a product of strong partnership between parents and the Program.

We will do our best week over week and guarantee improvement if students and parents complete the following 6 simple steps, otherwise we will refund you the fee for the first two of six months.


mathproject guarantee - class attendance

Stay in the program for at least 6 months

mathproject guarantee - math class attendance

Attend at least 4 full regular study sessions every month.

mathproject guarantee - math homework

Student completes a minimum of 10 worksheets a week.

mathproject guarantee - on time homework

Student submits all their homework by the due date and attends Math Aid Hours for any further conceptual clarification.

mathproject guarantee - no calculators

Student does not use the calculator and shows steps for all their work as per the lesson taught by the MathProject teacher.

mathproject guarantee - class timeline

Parents discuss and align to rolling 30-day objectives with the MathProject Administrator every month.


If after doing all this, if your child in K-8 does not show improvement when comparing MathProject assessments from the start of the program to the end of 6 months (we always do a baseline assessment for your child, when you join), we will simply give your 2-months fees back.


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