From Average to Excellent – How MathProject’s Free Classes Helped the PDSB Students in 2022

Math Project’s Free math Classes for PDSB Students

In June 2022, the Peel District School Board (PDSB), Canada, launched a third-party tutoring program to support students in grades K-12. Fortunately, MathProject was one of the approved learning centers to give free math classes to PDSB students. Since June 2022, dedicated teachers under the MathProject have been empowering students to improve their math skills, boost confidence, and excel in their classes.

The article below highlights the MathProject’s achievements over the last year and the comprehensive learning system. Many parents have also left kind reviews, which express their satisfaction with the program.

A Non-Traditional Approach to Teaching Math

Children are passionate about learning new things. MathProject’s non-traditional approach to teaching makes the subject interesting for students and enables them to find their focus.

Rather than getting into the nitty gritty about how MathProject is better than other math learning centers, we thought we’d share a few success stories with you!

According to Kavitha, MathProject’s teachers made math interesting for her daughter.

Math Project's Google Review (Kavitha Nair)

Our students have noticed a considerable difference in their approach to solving problems since day one of their learning with MathProject. Mehreen Bilal is one of those many mothers whose kids started loving MathProject’s lessons from the beginning.

Math Project's Google Review (Mehreen Bilal)

Building on Existing Knowledge

Building on existing knowledge of mathematics is as important as teaching advanced concepts to students. According to research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, activating prior knowledge by practicing with similar, familiar problems prior to a new lesson could “support the spontaneous, correct transfer of children’s prior conceptual knowledge to a novel domain.”

MathProject is a big believer in building on the existing knowledge of students. It’s like watering a plant regularly and keeping it fresh so that it can become a tree later. Our dedicated tutors work out math problems with their students by helping them recall their previous knowledge on the topic.

One of our happy clients, Huma Siddique said that before joining MathProject, her son only knew to count from 1 to 50, but MathProject helped him learn advanced math concepts easily.

Math Project's Google Review (Huma Siddique)

Ahlam Albirouty’s stellar review of MathProject proves that with grit and determination, any skill can be taught to young minds.

Math Project's Google Review (Ahlam Albirouty)

Summer Math Progress

Every summer, children miss out on a huge amount of learning opportunities. There is mounting research suggesting that students’ achievement scores typically decline over the summer by one month’s worth of academic learning. To make matters worse, declines in computational skills are usually sharper than declines in language-based skills, and the loss is greater in higher grades.

MathProject considers summer a glorious time for exploratory learning. The reduced workload during the holidays makes it easier for students to establish a routine that can be continued throughout the rest of the year.

Here is proof of how MathProject’s summer math program has helped students prevent summer loss.

MathProject Google Review (Parshotam Bains) - Free Math Classes

MathProject Google Review (Ankit) - Free Math Classes

Excellence and Reliability

At MathProject, we are obsessed with creating exceptional learning outcomes and assisting our students in achieving all of their learning objectives. We follow a fair onboarding process to assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and assign a suitable instructor.

This year, one of our happy clients, Bisma Ali, spoke her heart out about the efficacy and reliability of MathProject’s K-12 program. She went on to express how satisfied she was after receiving excellent customer service from MathProject’s team.

MathProject Google Review (Bisma Ali) - Free Math Classes

Another positive review posted by Oluwatosin Ezra speaks about how accommodating our policies are and how supportive our teachers are.

MathProject Google Review (Oluwatosin Ezra) - Free Math Classes

Continuous Progress Can Lead to Greater Success

Uncovering students’ potential through ongoing assessment and monitoring is akin to revealing the hidden beauty of a diamond in the rough. Therefore, MathProject puts a strong emphasis on continuous learning and periodical assessments.

The PDSB-sponsored free tutoring program is ending soon. In case you’ve missed this opportunity, you can take advantage of our FREE month* being offered to Peel District School Board parents by acting fast before 2022 ends!

* If Peel District School Board students register with us before December 31, 2022, they can avail our New Year Package, which is registering with us for January and February 2023 and getting one month’s tuition for free. After these two months, the usual monthly fee policy will apply.

MathProject offers regular online foundational math programs in all major states of the US. Besides basic math tutoring, MathProject also prepares students for national and international math contests.

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