Math Homework: Why is it so important?

math homework

Math plays an essential role in life, whether we know it or not. From engineering and architecture to shopping and cooking, math is used every single day. 

Yet children and teenagers, when faced with the option to either do their math homework or watch TV, will most likely choose the latter. That’s quite understandable at their age! Yet they may not realize the benefits math homework provides – not only for their education but also for success in future endeavors. In fact, ninety-four percent of jobs use math in some way, shape or form. Here are five reasons why math homework is beneficial to all students.

1.Cultivates critical thinking skills

Down to its basics, math presents problems that engage our critical thinking skills. Math motivates students to make sense of problems using context and reasoning, creating a purposeful and fulfilling learning experience. In one particular study, researchers found that high school students, who focused more on memory and critical thinking, received higher PSAT scores than those who relied on their calculators more.

In applying their minds more than physical resources, students grow invaluable critical thinking skills and, consequently, achieve optimal results. Math homework trains students to do so, enriching their learning experience in discovering meaningful solutions through creative exploration.

2. Improves problem-solving skills

Math homework develops mental agility, combining both memory and logic towards solving problems. In regularly completing math homework, students strengthen their ability to retain large amounts of information to solve math problems. When they acquire and hone in on that ability, such can branch into other decisions in life! International foundation for education, UNESCO, stated that powerful mathematical skills are best established when applying problem-solving skills, becoming one of the most efficient methods to solve challenges outside of mathematics.

With this in mind, practicing problem-solving through math homework will become second nature for students to pinpoint criteria into making a thoughtful judgment. Their problem-solving ability, stemming from doing homework, will better prepare them in fulfilling the expectations of the workforce and a constantly evolving world.

3. Prepares you for exams

Successfully completing math homework on a regular basis indicates that students understand the materials covered in class. It’s reflected in their exams, as homework provides ease into solving the math presented. In fact, a study had shown that students, who completed their homework, displayed higher results on tests and grades than sixty-nine percent who didn’t. 

In becoming efficient at completing math homework, students gain more confidence in studying and passing their exams with flying colours. With that gained confidence, they become more knowledgeable and capable of the subject at hand. 

Think of it this way: math homework helps to strengthen knowledge in skills and study for careers a student might be interested in. Medical scientists, for example, utilize data calculations in testing out hypotheses to ensure safe doses of medicine. If they didn’t study well in school, would you trust the medicine they prescribe?

4. Promotes individual learning and self-discipline

Math homework encourages a motivated approach in independently solving problems, as only a fraction of the information taught in class is absorbed by students. Typically only fifty percent is retained, indicating that students must apply that information to cement their understanding. Through this process, students develop research skills, time management, and self-discipline in order to successfully complete their homework. 

In cementing an understanding through research avenues like afterschool programs and online help, students are able to collect and analyze data from reliable sources. They then use these sources to tailor their own path in solving math. Homework deadlines also motivate students to achieve optimal results within a reasonable time frame, learning to prioritize tasks and eliminating procrastination. Research from The High School Journal discovered that, in the study, students who spent at least 31 minutes reviewing their homework scored considerably higher on SAT-Mathematics than those who paid assignments no mind. 

Diligence in completing math homework reinforces initiative and time management – two characteristics many employers look for. With such skills, students are given leverage not only in the short term of school but in the long term of securing their ideal career.

5. Fosters pride in achievement

Despite the complexities students may face in math concepts, math itself is a universal language that typically has the right answer. When students use their memory, critical thinking, and research skills to solve a hard math problem, finding its answer instills pride and confidence within them. Then their personal responsibility in finding all the answers in their math homework is fulfilled, giving them a sense of accomplishment, a deeper understanding and a well-deserved pat on the back.

It’s like completing a puzzle with thousands of pieces. Once you put them all together, you can see the full picture, marveling at what your hard work has created.

Math homework is not only vital in excelling in education but in developing essential life skills like critical thinking, initiative, and responsibility. At MathProject, we motivate students to achieve those skills, instilling confidence in math with our uniquely designed curriculum. Empower your children with mathematical knowledge and excellence by contacting us today at 1-844-628-424, and book a free assessment! For more information on MathProject’s math tutoring programs in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville, visit ‘Our Programs’ page.

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