How to Select a Good Online Math Program

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on in-class education, technology has enabled students to strengthen their math skills through an online math program. Students themselves cannot imagine a world without technology, making it easier for them to assimilate into the present circumstances of online learning. However, learning through an online math program is so much more than just staring at a screen!

The right online math program provides an enriching and wholesome learning experience, putting the student through a dynamic process of deeper mathematical understanding. 

With that in mind, you must be wondering: “How does one select the right online math program?”. Here are four characteristics you should look for when choosing an online math program:

1. Integrates media into learning processes

A good online math program transforms the traditional in-class math lecture into one that brings in more learning opportunities through multimedia. Sprinkling in things like videos, animations, songs into a math program amps up a student’s interest and engagement, giving them more control over how they choose to learn the lesson at hand. If a student was to choose between a math lecture laden with texts or a video teaching math through animations, which would you think they’d choose?

In offering these interactive teaching methods, the student has more ways to expand their knowledge and understanding of math topics. The replayable aspects of live, interactive online sessions allow them to memorize the information and math processes thoroughly, as well as giving them autonomy over their learning pace. Some students may feel embarrassed in asking their teacher to repeat what they’ve said during a lecture, but a good online math program gets rid of that potential embarrassment. In letting them rewind and pause the media, they can develop a concrete conceptual understanding of the math at hand.

2. Allows for real-time, interactive activities through visualizations

During in-class math lessons at school, things like a long lecture and sitting too far from the teacher can make it hard to learn. However, a good online math program brings each student the same learning opportunity, as it lets them see and interact with live, visual math explorations through the comfort of their own personal device.

With a good online math program, students can accurately view the visual representations of math, helping them learn the concept as ninety percent of information is retained through visuals. As visuals are also transmitted to the brain 60,000 times faster than text, digital tools like games and simulations can prove effective in reinforcing a student’s knowledge in math. In offering students a live, interactive space for visual math exploration, they’ll find it easier to interpret and link multiple concepts in math. It essentially makes them look forward to the math program, knowing that they’ll improve their math skills in a challenging yet exciting way.

3. Real-time learning through tailored lessons

Learning a math topic comes differently to every student – one will understand the teacher’s lesson while another could be totally lost. A good online math program is customizable to your child’s learning style! 

It provides a student with a tutor that helps them pinpoint any difficulties they face during a live and interactive lesson. If the child doesn’t face any difficulties but struggles to find additional challenges, the tutor can put their math skills to the next level. A good online math program also helps the tutor keep track of the student’s progress, resulting in instant feedback for the student to improve. With this emphasis on individual learning, a student can hone in on their math skills during real-time tutoring – without the confines of a traditional in-class math lecture.

4. Prevents math loss during breaks

A good online math program keeps your child’s skills in math strong, giving them an advantage when returning to school. 

“But shouldn’t children not think about school during their vacation? They want to have fun!”

Of course children should have fun during their school breaks! But you know what’s not fun? Math loss. In fact, students lose about 2.6 months of math learned over the summer. This is usually due to the common misconception that math is only relevant in school, not in life. Students often don’t see its integration into society, overlooking its importance in cooking, commuting, groceries and science. And with school not being in session, what can they do to continue their math learning?

Through a good online math program, they’ll be able to learn wherever they are! It doesn’t matter if they’re on a family vacation or hanging out in their home – they can always strive to improve on their math abilities. An effective online math program helps them advance in math, motivating them to consistently reach for math excellence without burnout or math loss.


All in all, a good online math program can be an innovative way to give your child a dynamic math education, helping them achieve lasting math skills and confidence through real-time, interactive tutoring. Whether your child is behind in school, achieving the grade level or looking to enhance their math talents, our online math programs at MathProject can help them reach math mastery. Call us at +1 844-628-4243 to book a free assessment, and to your child start the school year on the right path with MathProject’s math programs in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville, and even online!

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